Vibrational Spectroscopy and NMR techniques for Industrial Applications

CERIC-ERIC invites to the Research to Business (R2B) meeting, taking place in Trieste (Italy) on October 20th. The event, with a focus on Synchrotron Vibrational Spectroscopy and NMR techniques for Industrial Applications, is an opportunity to expand knowledge about the innovative methods available in the CERIC facilities to develop products and processes.

During the meeting researchers will present the possible applications of synchrotron light techniques and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), for sectors spanning textile, food, biomedical, polymers and plastics. These and other complementary techniques allow to perform quantitative and qualitative chemical and biochemical characterisation of organic and inorganic molecules with a micrometric and nano-metric resolution, as well as to study mass transport processes, and the morphology and the electronic properties of complex materials.

The meeting is be open for interested participants, i.e. R&D managers, business developers and researchers from industry and other research entities, in order to share case studies, strengths and needs  related  to  industrial  applications,  innovation  and  knowledge  transfer  opportunities  during  the network and discussion.

The event is organized in the framework of the H2020 ACCELERATE project.

More information can be found in the leaflet.

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Published Date: 21.07.2017
Published by: Agata Chrześcijanek