CERIC-ERIC - call for proposals

CERIC-ERIC is launching its subsequent call for access to integrated multidisciplinary facilities for Materials and Biomaterials.

CERIC-ERIC offers access to nearly 50 different and complementary state of the art techniques, distributed in 8 countries, with the submission of single or multi-technique proposals through a single entry point.

A detailed description of the facilities available in CERIC can be found here.

Access to CERIC is open to scientists from all over the world and free of charge. The only condition for free access is the publication of the results of the experiments, with appropriate citation of the facilities and local contacts involved. Proposals should be submitted online through the Virtual Unified Office (VUO). The best projects will be selected by peer review by an independent and international panel of experts.

CERIC user can benefit from support for mobility for two users per experiment. Moreover, CERIC-ERIC will select the most successful proposals and cover the full cost for open access publications, as well as a conference fee to present the obtained results.

The first phase for proposals submission closes on September 1st. The second phase for proposals submission for expert users closes on October 2nd.

Detailed information can be found in CERIC-ERIC website. Additional questions cab be send to useroffice@ceric-eric.eu address.

CERIC-ERIC, the Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium, offers access to nearly 50 complementary state-of-the-art instruments for multi-technique research proposals, in eight European countries. A detailed description of the available instruments can be found here. The access to CERIC is open to researchers from all over the world free of charge, upon the condition that results are published and CERIC acknowledged. Partial financial support for mobility is available. For further information visit our website.

See video presentation of the consortium.


Published Date: 22.08.2017
Published by: Agata Chrześcijanek