Solaris Building

The synchrotron radiation facility is located at the Campus III site of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. See our location on the Google Maps.


The facility building is composed of three distinct zones, the linac and klystron gallery, the experimental hall zone that houses the storage ring and an office area that houses the control room, laboratories, staff and administration offices and an auditorium.

  • The total floor space of the facility is ~ 8000 m2
  • The experimental hall has an area of 3000 m2
  • The experimental hall is located ~ 3,2 m under ground
  • The lenght of the tunnels ~ 110 m
  • The width of the linac tunnel ~ 4,15 m
  • The width of the klystron gallery ~ 5,20 m
  • Both tunnels are located ~ 7,7 m under ground.

Both the linac and the experimental hall are isolated from noise by a layer of anti-vibration material. The anti-vibration material is also used on the side of the building isolating it from the surrounding earth. The klystron gallery is separated from the linac tunnel by a 1.5 m thick shield wall.

The contract for the design and construction was awarded in the March 2011. The construction of the building was officialy completed in May 2014.

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