XMCD beamline

XMCD BEAMLINE was a part of MaxLab national laboratory located in Lund (Sweden). It was demounted and transported to Kraków, Poland, in February 2016 by SOLARIS team members, supported by representatives of several other Polish research centres. At present the beamline is being prepared for installation process. The SOLARIS centre is searching for the beamline coordinator, as well. 

The beamline was a soft X-ray beamline, covering the energy range 200 to 2000 eV. The source was an elliptically polarizing undulator, providing linearly and circularly polarized radiation. This maked magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) in absorption possible, in addition to photo absorption using linearly polarized light. 

The endstations was mounted directly after the exit slit. One experimental station provided an omnidirectional vector field, intended for XMCD in the electron yield mode and soft X-ray scattering experiments for ex-situ samples. The second endstation was a UHV system with one preparation chamber equipped with a sputter gun, LEED, and auxiliary ports for user supplied equipment, for example evaporators.

More information on the beamline parameters are availabe on the Max-Lab website