Beamlines for SOLARIS

At present there are two beamlines in the SOLARIS Centre:

PEEM/XAS beamline

- UARPES beamline.

They both are in commissioning process.

In February 2016 components of the I1011 beamline were transported from Max-Lab centre in Lund (Sweden) to Kraków. The SOLARIS team are preparing them to installlation as XMCD beamline. In the meantime first orders relating to PHELIX beamline construction have been made.

Eventually, a dozen of beamlines will operate simultaneously in our experimental hall. They will be equipped with 20-25 end-stations. Only in this way the potential of the Polish synchrotron will be exploited. Currently, a search for the sources of funding for their implementation is still going on.


We kindly invite to cooperation the scientific groups interested in research studies on synchrotron. Please fill this questionnaire for synchrotron users. This will allow us to better identify your needs. So far several research groups have reported us their ideas – SEE the TABLE.

Please fill the questionnaire for coordinator if your institution is interested in joining or collaborating with the construction of a beamline.

Main parameters of the SOLARIS storage ring – here.