Welcome to SOLARIS – the Polish national synchrotron

The first Polish synchrotron radiation facility SOLARIS was built at the Jagiellonian University 3rd Campus in Kraków. Synchrotron is a unique man-made source of electromagnetic radiation known as synchrotron radiation. The energy range of emitted photons spans from the infrared to hard X-rays.

The Polish synchrotron is the first research infrastructure of such substantial size and potential constructed in this part of Europe. The synchrotron, being a large-scale, multiuser and multidisciplinary facility, represents a much more efficient investment in research in comparison to distributed small or medium-scale equipment by providing state-of-the-art research opportunities for many groups.

Over the last three decades, synchrotron light has supported cutting-edge research in physics, chemistry and material science, and has opened up many new areas of research in fields such as medicine, geological and environmental studies, structural genomics and archeology.

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